Hi, I'm Ledger, the maker of MagicML.

I'm an ML Engineer by day, not a front-end developer, so please excuse the lack of aesthetic and UX. They'll get better as time goes by, hopefully. Actually, I'm not even that great of an engineer either, so just go ahead and excuse everything about this site that's no good.

MagicML is something fun for me to do in my spare time, and because I like playing Magic. Additional improvements and features are on the way, but I also have kids and a wife and a day job and other interests, so... :).

To all 9 of the active users, feel free to contact me (ledger@magicml.com or @magicml2) with feature requests, bugs, or screenshots of your craziest Arena win (hey, maybe that'll be the next feature - the badass-arena-win-screenshot-wall) (man, remember when the facebook feed was called your wall?).

... in any event, the intent is that this site becomes a usefull tool for building decks or whatever, and bridges some of the gaps that may exist in card search that depends on structured data - namely, the ability to search by meaning or functionality in the unstructured text. To that end, MagicML employs a natural language model (a neural network) to represent the card text as a high dimensional vector, and then uses the normalized distances between card vectors as a measure of similarity. It's not perfect, but I hope you'll agree it's not bad.

Lastly, MagicML is currently only populated with cards in MTG Arena. The rest of the cards will be added soon.