This is a textual semantic similarity search tool for Magic cards. It retrieves cards that have similar meaning in their text.

First: search for a card you want to find similar cards for.

Then: select the card you're looking for, and MagicML will return the top 25 most similar cards.

Then: use the filters, if you want.

Oh. It uses a neural network language model to transform the card text into a high dimensional vector, encoding the semantic meaning of the text. It then uses the normalized euclidean distance between card vectors as a measure of similarity.

The card data comes from MTGJSON.

The basic card search uses the Scryfall API (the card to find similarities for).

The similarity search is MagicML.

Not yet. At the moment, it only contains cards present in MTG Arena. But, the rest of the cards will be added soon.

They're sorted from most similar to least similar.

Well, the language model can be improved (and it will be soon). Also, some cards are actually fairly unique, and there just isn't a very similar card. So, you're seeing the MOST similar, which doesn't necessarily mean it's actually similar :(

Sure, maybe. Email me at ledger@magicml.com.

I'll provide a more structured way to handle these soon.

Sure. Thanks for letting me know. Email me at ledger@magicml.com

I'll provide a more structured way to handle these soon.

Uhh... nothing special :|... like Diamond 2 or 3.

Sure. lw2134#69223